Technical Information

    Basic Set Includes:

    -Hot Tube Round 2.0m with Acrylic inset

    -Dimensions 2.0m diameter; height 1.1m;inside height 0.89

    - Acrylic inset, available in 8 colors: White, Antracit grey, Black Marble, Blue Marble, Brown Marble, White Marble, Light Blue Marble,Green Marble

    - Insulated with heat protecting foam

    - External wood-burning stove, stainless steel or integrated wood-burning stove, stainless steel

    - Spruce timber siding painted with Remmers AQUA HSL paint; colors from catalog

    - Chimney with rain hood with chimney protector, stainless steel

    - Water drain system

    - 3-step ladder

    - Insulated cover

2m Round Acrylic hot tub

Acrylic is considered the far superior material for inserct hot tubs. High-quality acrylic is durable, energy-efficient, and looks great. It also retains heat when insulated!

The Round Wooden Hot Tub is made of spruce timber, its inner insert is made of practical and safe acrylic material, which is easy to keep clean and it is insulated with heat protecting foam. Acrylic Hot Tub has a comfortable benches for sitting. Its coms with Termo lid, stairs and external or integrated wood-burning stove , stainless steel

Buying this Wood-fired Hot Tub, you can complete it with accessories. Just mark necessary options in the section below while making an order. The product is delivered fully assembled and ready for use.